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The Weed Mate helps you easily maintain your aquatic weed growth as needed

Select those areas of aquatic weed you want to cut... and those areas you leave alone

Clear entire areas of waterways and water features for ease of access

Leave just enough aquatic weed to maintain a natural balance and underwater habitat


Whether a lake, pond, or river, invasive plants can easily spoil things for you and can create havoc.

WEED~MATE™ is the underwater weed cutter that quickly lets you reclaim your water features as simply as mowing the lawn.

Controlling aquatic weeds becomes a simple task and it’s so quick to do.

WEED~MATE™ gives you the chance to clear the mess, in record time, for so little outlay and effort.

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The Finest Aquatic Weed Control Equipment Available!

So Fast!

Weedmate Leaflet (pdf)

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Weedmate Sales Sheet (pdf)

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Weedmate Technical Sheet (pdf)

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